My Parents Threw Me Away – Don Little

My Parents Threw Me Away – Don Little

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Popular diminutive actor, Don Little has in an interview with Agyenkwa FM’s B Ice on his show ‘Agyenkwa Extra’ has shared the sad story of how his parents left him to probably die in a hinterland because of his very short physique.

According to the comic actor, even though he was a part of the seven children of his parents, he was the only left to his fate because he was very short while his other six sisters all had heights which were normal.

He revealed that his parents took him to town one day and never returned with him to the house all because they felt he was not worthy to be a son of theirs.

Don Little, real name, Stephen Atanga also told B Ice in the interview monitored that it was a very sad spectacle to behold but now he has decided to forget all about it because he recently received a call from his parent after he had an interview on Angel TV. Asked if he has forgiven his parent, Don Little stated that he has.

He further stated that his other six sisters, who totally forgot about him have also made contact with him ever since he became a little popular because Funny Face helped him. He told B Ice that he has also forgiven all his sisters as well and is in constant touch with them.




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