‘My ‘Rapper 101’ Song Isn’t A Diss Song To Sarkodie’ – Manifest

‘My ‘Rapper 101’ Song Isn’t A Diss Song To Sarkodie’ – Manifest

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We all know the beef history that exists between Sarkodie and Manifest. The pair served Ghanaians with one of the fiercest lyrical war of all time that rejuvenated the rap scene a few years ago.

Manifest has been on the ‘low’ now for some time until he announced the release of his new jointed titled, ‘Rapper 101’ just few days ago. So judging from how he and Sarkodie go hard at each other musically, some opined that ‘Rapper 101 is a diss song aimed at the ‘Highest’ rapper.

One of the verses go like this:

All you do is win, You di? you never take losses
Wear sunglasses everywhere
Club, hospital, even in the plane oh yeah
Do like you hate camera, eventhough you be photo gbe.

Shoot a video all light-skinned chics
Spend chips rent you some fancy whips
Wear leather jackets and hoodies though it’s hot as shit
Mek sure you clutch your crotch, that makes you legit
Rhyme models, bottles, champagne campaign
Talk about haters, skin-pain can pain

But clarifying the situation, Manifest said the song was not for Sarkodie at all. He explained his stance to Citi Fm in an interview.

“I’ve heard the assertions that it’s a diss song but I don’t think that even the person they feel it’s targeted at will think it’s a diss. So that’s most important.”

On whether he’s reached, he said,

“I haven’t scratched the surface of what I’m capable of but I believe I’ve put in the legwork to sustain it”

Manifest added that his new album is ready. ” My new album is ready, it’ll be out once all the business stuff is sorted out ”

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