‘Nana Means King’ to be premiered on Nov. 14

‘Nana Means King’ to be premiered on Nov. 14

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Griot Pictures Ltd will on November 14, 2015, premiere its movie ‘Nana Means King’ at the silver Bird Cinema at the West Hills Mall, Weija.

Griot Pictures Ltd is an entertainment industry leader in movie production in London and in Ghana.

This movie premiere will be the first public showing of ‘Nana Means King’ before its mass theatrical and DVD release at a later date.

This glamorous special screening of the movie will offer movie fans an opportunity to meet and interact with the stars of the film in person.

Griot Pictures is confident that, upon release, this movie will appeal to millions of Ghanaians and worldwide audience.

They anticipate a large turnout for the film’s premiere, based on the response we are getting on the movie’s trailer via social media platforms. We are planning for thousands of movie fans showing up at the film premiere event.

This is a brand your organization would not want to miss associating with as we project our film to the world through an aggressive marketing campaign.



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