Not Even Jay Z Is Beyond Payola – Kofi Kinaata Denies ‘No Payment’ Claims

Not Even Jay Z Is Beyond Payola – Kofi Kinaata Denies ‘No Payment’ Claims

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In spite of the proliferation of radio and TV stations, the payola phenomenon still exists although it is not as talked about as before.

Payola is the practice where artistes pay money for their songs and videos to be given airtime.

It has been reported recently that Martin King Arthur, known is showbiz circles as Kofi Kinaata, in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, said he has grown beyond paying payola because he makes only quality music, a statement that has come across as irking to many radio DJs and presenters.

But speaking on Takoradi-based Connect FM, Kofi Kinaata expressed utmost shock at the story as he is unable to recall ever making the comments as reported.

“When I saw the story, I was shocked. I do not quite remember making such a statement. Which musician in his right senses will say he’s gone beyond paying payola? Even the dumbest of artistes will not say a thing like that, talk less of me Kofi Kinaata,” he said.

“Even away from payola, there is something called appreciation which everyone does. You feel this DJ plays your songs, when you meet him, you could give him a token for airtime. I am not sure even Jay Z will say he is gone beyond paying payola,” Kinaata continued.

The ‘Things Fall Apart’ hit-maker bemoaned the haste with which journalists publish negative stories without considering the welfare of the persons involved.

“Sometimes your welfare does not matter to them than promoting their websites,” he said.

To further clear the air, the young musician who is touted for his prolific song writing prowess explained that he does not believe he needs to follow a certain music trend just to receive radio airplay.

His focus is to deliver a certain message to his audience, and as long as that is done, he is fine.

Inasmuch as he is unhappy about the development, Kofi Kinaata said he has no interest in pursuing the matter any further.




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