Patience Nyarko calls for peace ahead of December polls

Patience Nyarko calls for peace ahead of December polls

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This year’s Election has been described by many as a crucial one which will decide the turn of

events in the country in the coming years. In order to minimize the tension that characterizes the

elections, there is then the need for every citizen to preach the message of peace.

Peace is a key factor for the development of a country economically. A country cannot prosper

without peace. For this reason, leaders of political parties, high profile personalities,

organizations, churches are all preaching for peace and advocating against speeches and actions

that will jeopardise the stability of the country in the pre and post-November/December election


In line with this, the two time gospel artiste of the year nominee, known for hit song Wafom

Kwan, Patience Nyarko has embarked on a peace project dubbed ‘Patience Nyarko Peace

Project’ to help minimize the tension currently surrounding the November/December elections

by preaching the message peace to Ghanaians.

According to the peace advocate, it is important as a nation to maintain and enjoy peace during

and after elections. “I am proudly Ghanaian and I stand for peace. Peace is all we want us a

nation, without peace there is no sustainable development. So it is important for us to persevere

and ensure peace and stability during elections”

She explained that, ‘Patience Nyarko Peace Project’ aims at spreading the message of peace in

schools, churches and conferences across the ten regions of Ghana. At every point of the peace

tour, Patience Nyarko educates participants on the need to maintain peace during and after the

November/December elections and the importance to desist from election violence.

As part of the peace project, the sensational gospel musician has released a peace song dubbed

‘Ye Pe Asomdwe’ which is the theme song for her peace campaign. The song talks about some

of the important ideals necessary for a peaceful election.

The just released ‘Ye Pe Asomdwe’ is currently receiving huge air play on the major radio

stations in the country and its gradually becoming the nation’s peace song for elections 2016.

Patience Nyarko also revealed that, ‘Ye Pe Asomdwe’ video has been shot and is currently

played on most the major television stations in the country.



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