Patty Abbey Unveils Maiden Novel ‘Purses and Wallets’

Patty Abbey Unveils Maiden Novel ‘Purses and Wallets’

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Ghanaian writer and voice over artist, Patty Abbey has unveiled her maiden fiction novel titled

purses and wallets, a 296 pages eBook on last week.

According to the former radio news anchor, the eBook which was formally a short piece titled ‘Trinity’

on her blog is now a masterpiece which paints a vivid picture of the Ghanaian society in the 21st


In her novel purses and wallets, Patty pays critical attention to the little dots that connects our

friendships, culture and most things that Ghanaians encounter in their married lives, work places and


Patty Abbey’s effective use of every day words, rich content and dazzling effects of flashbacks and

humor makes the book a relatable one. She therefore urges all and sundry to get a copy of the book.

The author of purses and wallets has been behind the media scenes for a while and was the

production manager for fashionGH as well as the script writer and voice over artist for 30minitz,

fashionGH and footprints tv.

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The ebook is structured in 24 chapters and 296 pages and sold for $7.99.

The electronic version of the Book is currently available on the Amazon Kindle Store.



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