Photos: Contestants Showcase Beauty with Style At Miss Ghana 2015 Fashion Show

Photos: Contestants Showcase Beauty with Style At Miss Ghana 2015 Fashion Show

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The Junction Mall at Nungua was a busy venue on Saturday, October 17 when many people came to catch a glimpse of the blend of exquisite beauty with trendy Afrocentric fashion in the Miss Ghana 2015 Fashion Show. The event put together by Exclusive Events Ghana witnessed rich Ghanaian fabrics from Akosombo Textiles Limited (ATL) and accessories on display as well as a massive attendance by supporters of the contestants.

Each of the 22 contestants who were well-dressed in African prints by ATL gracefully showed their apt stage craft. The regional queens strut the catwalk with such world class confidence and poise which captivated the audience. Each lady walked stylishly on stage to the repeated applause by the crowd.

These models showcased the beautiful designs created by Ndichie by Akorfa and Melanie Crane with fabrics from ATL and were adorned in prepossessing accessories by Purple Trendz and Accents & Curves. All the designers (both garments and accessories) artistically created pieces that transformed the ladies and the event. Their effort was crystalised through catwalk coach Herman Macmillan/Spice Events with his team and the magic of FC Beauty Klinik.

The congenial judges, Nina Atalah (C.E.O of Le Chateau), Audrey Amadieh (Events Consultant) and Saha Kambo (CEO Of Hottees), were happy with the presentation, general stage craft and overall appearance of the Miss Ghana finalists as well as clothes and accessories by the talented designers for the event.

The grand finale for 2015 Miss Ghana is scheduled to come off 7th November 2015.
The 2015 Miss Ghana is powered by Exclusive Events Ghana, with support from Junction Mall, Manet Properties, Citroën by CFAO, LAWASH manufactured by Lifeon and marketed by Tobinco Pharmaceuticals and IPMC. The rest include Holiday Inn Hotel Accra Airport, Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel Takoradi, Unique Floral, Akosombo Textile Limited, Imperial General Assurance, FC Skin & Beauty Klinic, Oak Plaza Hotel, Pippas Health Center Capture, Digital Innovation, DDP, Forever Easy, Frytol by Wilmar Africa and Special Ice mineral water, Hottees, Alive Tv, , Magnum Security and Graphic Showbiz.

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