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The art and design institute officially opened last week in Accra,Accents and arts center. The institute opened admission slots for trainees to cover courses in artistic welding and fabrication, engineering, health & safety and entrepreneurship last year 31st July 2015 where Classes commenced on 7th of September 2015.

The day of the formal opening saw reputable dignitaries storm the venue in their numbers to support and grace the occasion.

Activities proceeded with a tour of the beautiful gallery for arriving guests with the opening ceremony taking place immediately after the process. This was preceded by an amazing performance by Fast rising singer, Nenebi who thrilled the guests with her amazing voice.

The occasion was hosted by Radio Personality(Joy Fm), Doreen Andoh who was honored to introduce the chairperson Mr. Nat Nuno Amarteifio(Former Mayor Of Accra).

There were speeches from donors on the day. Ambassador Tovi Degnbol delivered a message on behalf of the Danish Ambassador as Hans Nilsson delivered a donor’s speech as well on behalf of Stanford SEED.

Constance Elizabeth Swaniker,CEO/Founder of The Arts and Design institute was full of delight as she delivered a heartwarming speech when she took the platform. She further heaped praises on the guests present for their unconditional support.

Among the prestigious dignitaries was Dr. Mensah Otabil who took the opportunity to address the crowd with very inspirational and congratulatory messages to Elizabeth for her hard work and dedication.



Our vision is to help participants gain a unique, meaningful, and practical experience and to also achieve a variety of life and employable skills while working with hands-on applications.


The Art Institute was established as an extension of a well recognized brand in the Art and Craft Industry.
Over the last several years, Accents & Art Limited (AAL) has been providing quality training and internship opportunities to hundreds of students from KNUST, Takoradi Polytechnic and other vocational & technical institutions such as O.I.C, etc.
The training aims to give participants the opportunity to work on the factory floor to acquire skills and also improve their craftsmanship. In line with the company’s vision to provide the platform for gaining experience, The Art Institute was established.
We believe that education should be liberal to prepare one for a vocation.

The Art Institute’s programme represents a wide variety of learning opportunities that focuses on production skill development. This framework strives to affirm and strengthen current industrial practices.

The course is structured in two cycles. The long term programme runs for twenty weeks (24) while the short term duration is for twelve (12) weeks.
Trainees are also exposed to field/site visits to enable them experience firsthand what transpires in the industry.
They will also be supported by experienced vocational instructors and industry professionals.
At the end of the programme students will be adequately prepared to write an external examination conducted by The Art Institute and National Vocational Training Institute (N.V.T.I). Trainees will be awarded certificates upon completion of course for either short term or long term.


Train students to use hand and machine tools in the workshop to produce simple work pieces.
Apply the principles of logical planning in the manufacture of items in the workshop.
Develop students with the practical knowledge in the craft industry.
Encourage the development of leadership abilities through participation in team work.
To train students to identify simple metalwork/ industrial problems and suggest possible solutions.
Train students to observe health and safety precautions in the workshop.
Create an environment in preparing students to establish their own business in the art and craft industry.

Welding and Fabrication

Students will be taken through:

Basic safety rules and regulations.
Introduction to the use of the welding machine and how to fabricate. Students may be introduced to different types of welding machines, such as the ESAB welding machine, etc.
The study of various metals and its uses.
How to use the tape measure and understanding international standards of measurements for products line such as tables, chairs, balustrades, gates etc.
A brief introduction on types of products and product design.

Spraying and Finishing

General safety rules and guidelines.
Paint metal surfaces electro statically, or by using a spray gun or other painting equipment.
The different types of sand paper and its uses.
The different chemicals needed to spray metal and wood lines.
The importance of finish and the value it adds to products.
Different finishes and paint effects.
Brush, spray, or hand-rub finishing ingredients, such as paint, oil, stain, or wax, onto and into wood grain; then apply lacquer or other sealers.
Mix finishes ingredients to obtain desired colors or shades.
Smooth, shape, and touch-up surfaces to prepare them for finishing, using sandpaper, steel wool, chisels, sanders, or grinders.

Upholstery & Soft Furnishing

Operates sewing machine to join cut fabric parts to fabricate upholstery coverings for furniture.
Machines are provided for you but you can think about finding the best mechanical sewing machine that will let you work faster.
Measure and cut new covering material, using pattern and measuring and cutting instruments.
Operate sewing machine to seam cushions and join various sections of covering material.
Fits, installs, and secures material on work piece, using hand tools, power tools, glue, cement, or staples.
Attaches binding or applies solutions to edges of cut material to prevent raveling.

Industrial Design

Initiate and implement product development
Design innovative solutions to challenges in the industry.
Plan and deliver product designs which meet specified performance and cost criteria within budget and timetable.


Developing entrepreneurship competences; team building and financial skills.
Risk taking and its place in business; and information seeking through market research.
Introduction to the various tools for keeping records in business.
Health & Safety

Identify and classify the various types of hazards at the workplace, and select the appropriate Guide to choosing a spill bunding to help prevent spills of chemicals.
Define accidents and their contributing factors.
Conduct a fire risk assessment.


The methodologies will pay particular attention to the following;

Activities will be shop floor based and action oriented.
A broad range of assessment strategies (project work, individual and group work, presentations etc.) will be utilized.
Cooperative learning and small group interaction will be encouraged because of the nature of classroom size

National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI), Kokomlemle, Accra.
Global Quality Consulting Limited, Adenta-Accra.
Fredo Engineering and Consultancy Services Limited, McCarthy Hill, Accra.
WHSO-Ghana Limited, Hajia Dufie Plaza, Kojo Thompson Road, Adabraka.


The core target group will mostly be students from;

The universities, vocational and technical institutions across the country and abroad.
Any other person interested and posses the passion to acquire a skill qualifies to be trained at The Art Institute.
Special preference is also available for young women who have an earnest desire to learn employable skills.


The Art Institute’s through its competent service providers will ensure that all students are attached to well experienced facilitators who are professionals in the industry to monitor their progress.


The Art Institute embraces individuals with talent, drive and vision. We are an equal opportunity employer. The top ten students who undergo either the short or long term course will be guaranteed an ideal job placement upon graduation.

See photos from the event below…

Arts and design institute formal opening-doreen andoh

doreen andoh(radio personality, Joy FM)

Arts and design institute formal opening-constance elizabeth-swaniker

constance elizabeth swaniker(CEO/Founder of Art & Design institute)

Arts and design institute formal opening-dr-otabil

Dr Mensah Otabil(Founder & General Overseer, ICGC Christ Temple)

Arts and design institute formal opening-former mayor-nii

Mr. Nat Nuno Amarteifio(former mayor of Accra)

Arts and design institute formal opening Arts and design institute formal opening1 Arts and design institute formal opening2 Arts and design institute formal opening5 Arts and design institute formal opening7 Arts and design institute formal opening8 Arts and design institute formal opening09 Arts and design institute formal opening11 Arts and design institute formal opening13 Arts and design institute formal opening43 Arts and design institute formal opening45 Arts and design institute formal opening54 Arts and design institute formal opening56 Arts and design institute formal opening98 Arts and design institute formal opening986 Arts and design institute formal opening-constance elizabeth Arts and design institute formal opening-doreen andoh-whitney Arts and design institute formal opening-dr mensah otabil- constance elizabeth Swaniker Arts and design institute formal opening-guests Arts and design institute formal opening-refreshment Arts and design institute formal opening-workshop Arts and design institute formal opening-workshop2




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