Plug Out Your Eyes If My Tattoos Bothers You – Jasmine Baroudi Jabs Critics

Plug Out Your Eyes If My Tattoos Bothers You – Jasmine Baroudi Jabs Critics

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Actress Jasmine Baroudi has cut critics on social media users to size over her post she shared on issues of non-payment for her work from movie directors.

According to Miss Baroudi, some persons took to the comment section to hurl unprintable words at her for demanding her money.

She indicated that some people decided to call her names because she has tattoos on her body.

Infuriated by the development, she has reacted to the ‘mean’ social media users asking them to plug out their eyes if her tattoos offend them.

“I only blame the parents of the illiterates who hide behind their smart phones to write stupid comments about me!! If probably these illiterates were educated properly, then they would know that education is key!!

“You call me an ashawo and a devil and all sorts of utterances because I have tattoos and I am also fighting for my money. You say I f**ked my way to the top?? Did you not see your mother’s and SISTERs right next to me? Did u not see them? Or your daughters? Are my tattoos bothering you? Well you can pluck out your eye,” she said in her Instagram post.

She seized the opportunity to address allegations that she sold her body for roles. She dared producers to come out and state if they engaged in any unspeakable acts with her for roles.

“And if i f**ked my way up to the top, I beg any director or producer to come out and Say it!! Pls tell the whole world and If true, I will def confirm it!!” she fumed.

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