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Sunrise! The curtains of my room drops as that of my mind rolls up! It’s a morning of stories – but really

is there anything new under the sun? Lovely people of Ghana before I put my indelible ink to my blog

(ghkwaku.com); I extend my greetings from the cos of my room and the mental asylum of my thoughts as

I brainstorm recent alarming issues in the country – our entertainers’ transformation into political vessels.

It may have occurred to you or not but our entertainers have sensed a new source of income to promote

their dying careers since our movie industry is dead (a topic for discussion another day). This is arguably, but hey this is my understanding; several pioneers in the industry including our very own ‘By The Fire

Side’s Grace Omaboe popularly known as Maame Dokono trod this path which ended her career.

So what did these new and springing buds see? – I ask. They are busy endorsing parties – Brand

ambassadors! (Are these political parties brands that our entertainment industry should be associated

with?). Ebi Bright, Seth Kwame Dzokoto, Diamond Appiah, Clement Bonney, John Dumelo are just but a

few victimized by this lucrative canker. I won’t even bother to mention Mzbel, I don’t think she’ll make another hit song.

(By the way, I am about to take breakfast – You are all invited)

Amongst these entertainers, my focus is going to be on John. We are in a country where a ‘John’ is always

fit for president but I do not know in the case of Dumelo and his affiliation to the National Democratic

Congress. John who has wowed us with his great acts on our screen since the 90’s; has several movies,

nominations, and awards to his name. He is an old boy of Achimota High School and a graduate of

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

(Criss Waddle ft. Stonebwouy is playing in the background! I know it is early, though.)

Hey! Hey! Enough with the biography, we about to cease fire (biegya) – my subconscious roars. It is true

that the movie industry is dying out and paying little to nothing but is politics the way forward. As a

Ghanaian, it is onus onto you to patriotic but to show your partisanship is reckless; considering the market

and how this can go a long way to affect your brand or can this be self-redeployment!

Not long ago, Yvonne Nelson and yourself had issues on ‘DumsoMustStop’; she believes the sitting

the government has not played a major role in the industry and it is the cause of the industry’s hardship and

The nation as a whole so why support a ‘failing’ government. Instead of industry players like you pushing for

good policies for the industry, you channel your greedy ambitions to feeding on political parties that

change every four years – have you thought of the younger acts coming up?

I stand neutral not to personally chastise your actions but to bring you and your fellow entertainers’ mind

to the impact that you have on the society. If you think Abraham Attah’s trolling was absurd wait on

Ghanaians after the DOKONO-effect. We are all hungry but let us make the right decisions ‘Polititors’

and ‘Polititresses’!

Source: ghkwaku.com/Obed Mensah



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