Rapper M.anifest Schools Edem, Others On Feminism

Rapper M.anifest Schools Edem, Others On Feminism

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Rapper M.anifest has expressed worry about why a lot of men are unwelcoming to movements that seek best for women.

He made this statement in a Twitter discussion on feminism which was broached by rapper Edem yesterday.

In one of the replies, a Twitter user KofiBlakGH wrote that: “MOST of it [feminist advocacy] is a hate man movement, more of a coup detat against a natural order. We don’t need equality,we need equity(Balance,not same-ness) M/F are wired differently socially, biologically, psychologically. There are advantages in respect to some natural predispositions.”

M.anifest not enthused by the reply, cautioned Kofi not to wade into an argument that seeks to deprive one off their rights because of their sex.

“Be careful of these nature arguments. It’s been used by many an oppressor. Organs and hormones should not stand against equal pay, etc or support misogyny. Why does a pro women movement make so many men uncomfortable? How does it immediately become about hating men? Baffling,” he replied.

Edem had earlier sought to understand the orientation of feminism in a tweet – the question which stoked the debate.

“I need to get a lot of insight into this whole Feminist thing so well no girl would just go and liar my daughter to hate men….Who got the wisdom bag on feminism in gh?.” Edem tweeted.

Edem started his education on Edem by likening feminism to racism.

“It’s a dangerous place to begin my brother. Similar principles apply just as being pro black is not being anti white. It’s easy for the internet to cast aspersions on struggles for equality for women under the guise of its a “hate men” movement. We have to do better us men,” he stated.

Feminism and its recent awareness-creation in Ghana has engendered a lot of discussions on various platforms.

While some believe it is a good cause to liberate women off the fetters of marginalization and unfair treatment by the opposite sex, others conceive of it as a movement to fight men.

M.anifest a Ghanaian rapper who is admired by many for the depth of his compositions and eclectic taste for arts.

He has songs like ‘godMC,’ Sugar,’ Hundred Percent,’ ‘Mene Woaa,’ among other hit songs.

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