Read Newly Assigned Tourism Ambassador @AbeikuSantana’s Full Appreciation Speech

Read Newly Assigned Tourism Ambassador @AbeikuSantana’s Full Appreciation Speech

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I would like to thank the Minister of Tourism , Hon. Elizabeth Ofosu Agyare, for the honour done me. I see this as a challenge and an opportunity to help raise  awareness and conscientise the public about the need for us to understand what tourism means. I believe tourism goes beyond our hotels and beaches and there is more we can do.

My plan for tourism is outlined in 3 forms: Taxi drivers, Media and the hospitality industry.

1. Taxi drivers
Taxi drivers are the first ambassadors of every destination. They must be aware of the unique attractions in the various communities and guide tourists to such destinations. They must be engaged, informed and trained to be ambassadors. They are the go to persons for foreigners on currency exchange, food, shopping etc and must be knowledgeable in the field. Business cards will be a must for every taxi driver to have and issue out to customers.

2.Support from colleagues in the media.
Ghana is better position as compared to Liberia, Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire and other West African countries when it comes to tourism. The media can do better to promote Ghana on all  media platforms especially social media which can attract various events such as International  conferences into the country.

They must understand their role in promoting Ghana as a peaceful country and the right destination for tourists.

Tourism when payed more attention to by far will be the largest employer and revenue generating sector of our economy. It plays an integral role in all disciplines; education, health,business, sports and arts to mention a few.

3. Hotels, Restaurants and Chopbars.
The dilemma of every hospitality industry is the sustainability of customers. Waiters and waitresses must be educated and trained on how to sustain customers as they are the value chain of tourism. The more customer satisfaction you have the better your chances of maintaining an attractive business.

Having said the above, i would like to express my profound appreciation to Madam Nancy Sam for her immerse support. Department of Tourism at University of Capecoast, faculty of Social Science, Despite group of companies, Kenya Tourism board, Zambia tourism board,Zimbabwe tourism board, South African Tourism board, friends and family who have engaged me in destination management and promotions.


Abeiku Aggrey Santana

Tourism Ambassador, Ghana



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