RTP Awards Most Credible Award Scheme In Ghana – Prince Mackay

RTP Awards Most Credible Award Scheme In Ghana – Prince Mackay

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Despite the intense criticism the Radio and Television Personality awards have received since its inception eight years ago, the brain behind the scheme, Prince Mackay has said that, there is no awards scheme in Ghana, which is more credible than the RTP awards.

In an interview with host Ayisha Bayipa on SVTV Africa, Prince Mackay describe the scheme as more credible than any other award in Ghana as far as he knows.

“Let me say on record, RTP Awards is the most credible awards scheme in Ghana as far I know because even nominees are in suspense and don’t know what to expect”.

He added that, unlike other awards scheme in Ghana where nominees pay money to win awards, RTP awards is very key on credibility and has never been involved in such things.

“unlike other awards schemes in Ghana, RTP awards do not accept bribe from media personalities for award”.

Asked if he has personally received bribe to award a nominee, he replied “I have never received a pesewa from any presenter or a nominee for an award, whoever says I have received money from him should come out and say it, I have never ” he noted.

After ensuring it gain roots in Ghana, Prince Mackay is taking RTP awards to Kenya and the UK.

Source: svtvafrica.com



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