Sarkodie Recounts How He ‘Suffered’ Before Winning Tracy’s Love

Sarkodie Recounts How He ‘Suffered’ Before Winning Tracy’s Love

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For many, their union is beautiful but to Sarkodie, he did not find it easy getting Tracy to accept his proposal.

Sarkodie who got married to Tracy last year after dating her for many years told Franky 5 on Hitz FM that he had to keep pushing before he finally got a “yes” from his wife.

According to him, he got to know Tracy from their neighbourhood. She stayed few houses away from theirs. He said even at a young age he felt she was the right person to spend his life with.

“It didn’t wo“That was my first crush in life. So as a kid, and the reason why I knew it was real was that it was nothing physical and I didn’ know why I liked the person and I was a kid so I didn’t understand it. but I liked her and I attracted that I wanted to have her,” he added.

The two got married on July 17, 2018.

The have a two year-old daughter, Titi.rk out in the beginning. I tried, it didn’t. I think she had somebody else so I had to be on standby for a while. She went back to Germany where she lived most of her life. So when she came back was when the magic happened and the rest is history,” he said.




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