Sister Derby Joins Top Trends With ‘Kakalika Love’

Sister Derby Joins Top Trends With ‘Kakalika Love’

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Deborah Vanessa’s new single titled ‘Kakalika Love’ is gradually taking over streaming platforms and social media few days after its release.

The song ranked second after Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank You, Next’ and also ahead of Davido’s ‘Assurance’ on iTunes top songs over the weekend.

“Dolphins …we are climbing. Pls (please) keep streaming #KakalikaLove on iTunes and all other music streaming platforms,” the self-acclaimed ‘African mermaid’ said on Instagram when she announced her iTunes success.

Deborah, who is also called Sister Derby, released ‘Kakalika Love’ on Wednesday, November 7.

The song was released at a time rumours are rife that she and her boyfriend (Medikal) have gone their separate ways. This has set the tone for many people to give different interpretation to the song.

Majority of music followers think the song is directed at Medikal and his alleged new found girlfriend, Fella Makafui. However, Sister Derby is yet to officially speak to that claim.

Parts of the lyrics in ‘Kakalika Love’ read, “Don’t lie to me. If you don’t love me respect yourself to tell me. Oh! me I am calm. She didn’t do me any harm because he go take do am.”



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