Slay Queen Presenter – Netizens Blasts MzGee Over Stonebwoy Beating Wife Comments

Slay Queen Presenter – Netizens Blasts MzGee Over Stonebwoy Beating Wife Comments

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Scores of netizens have blasted MzGee for saying that Stonebwoybeats his wife, Dr Louisa on live TV.

MzGee in a panel discussion with Ola Micheal and George Britton claimed that she has heard people saying Stonebwoy beats his wife on social media.

According to her, that has been the news in circulation following Stoenbwoy’s assault on Angel Town. He has a bad record with regards to controlling his temper.

It could be remembered about a year ago, the same Stonebwoypulled a gun on stage at the VGMA. His actions ruined the whole event.

The comments from MzGee has caused her trouble. Apparently, she is on blast for spewing such a childish talk.

Check below of the comments by netizens after MzGee made those comments;

kaystudios: “@iammzgee how can you even raise or make such a statement on your platform, if you haven’t seen why do you just make an adverse, dreadful statement like this on air?

Can we just also say what we have heard about your marriage anywhere? Sometimes we know you guys are doing your work or whatever but remember that what you say also stick in people’s minds and that is how you create perceptions into people’s head, the false news, assumptions and conclusions you guys stand are people’s take home message but I think as humans we have the right to ourthoughts and sayings but please let’s not forget our consciousness and morals when we are in positions like this.

When there is situation, and duty calls you to talk about it sometimes you the (media ) should choose your words carefully, your silent presence might be more powerful than a million empty words …We can throw things into the wind, but it’s up to each person to decide how they want to react either by words or actions and where they want to stand when things fall…. @iammzgee”

_zionasante.1: “See this jon girl o. Has his wife come out to complain to you? Get married and stop talking rubbish about other peoples marriage life . Stone went to gar by throwing a punch but you cant talk stupid about his marriage life . Very stupid of her to say that”

heiress_paige: “Mzgee talks too much that woman talks so unprofessionally n should be cautioned”

mharmegyasiwa: “I fink some Ghanaian journalist needs a new prospectus…like seriously? it’s so uncalled for ????”

kingsley.asante.961: “She really needs a great slap of course”

__kafs: “She’s not serious!!!! For real?? Ah!”

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