Some Media Interviews Are Boring – Criss Waddle

Some Media Interviews Are Boring – Criss Waddle

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Rapper, Criss Waddle, is in the news again, this time not for bashing bloggers who don’t tweet and write about his songs but for calling out the media that they conduct boring interviews.

Criss Waddle, who is the founder of the AMG Business record label has not been very active on the music scene and he hasn’t been in the media space as much too.

But his tweet on Sunday, January 27, may be an indication of why he doesn’t make media appearance. According to him, the media conducts boring interviews, and ask very predictable questions.

In the tweet, Waddle said, “I hardly grant interviews cus it’s always boring… so when is the album coming out? Who did you feature on it? What should ur fans expect from u? What do u do aside music? Thank u very much for coming,we hope to have u here next time ah ah ah GHANA.”

The Bie Gya artiste is currently promoting his latest song, King Kong, on which he featured BET nominee Kwesi Arthur. On the track, Criss Waddle talks about how powerful he is as a rapper and his influence in the game.

Criss Waddle was a member of popular Hiplife group, R2Bees. He later left the group to start his business and it seems to have been a smart decision because he has become very affluent. He has been able to produce several hit songs such as Bie Gya, Forgetti Obiaa and Ayi among others.

He has disclosed in earlier interviews that he loves cars.




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