Some Of The Comedy Platforms Are Just To Test The Strength Of Our Materials – Foster Romanus

Some Of The Comedy Platforms Are Just To Test The Strength Of Our Materials – Foster Romanus

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Comedian Foster Romanus has chalked several successes in his area of endeavour yet with so much humility and diligence. His achievements in other areas like TV broadcasting, acting and commercials are just evidence that he is a man of many talents.

In a recent interview with Sammy Flex on the Real Talk show on Sammy Flex TV, the man who is about to give us the second edition of the Romanus Incomplete show at the National Theatre has made some revelations about the many comedy shows in Ghana and how they are impacting on the society and the comedians themselves.

“The idea of doing several shows by comedians in Ghana has not been bad but there are some things we can do to even make it better. Just that if the comedy show is not held at say the National Theatre, it`s not seen as one with major rating. You only get better ratings when you are able to host your show at bigger venues like the National Theatre and such recognizable venues. Event goers should also know that some of the platforms are just to test the strength of our materials and not to necessarily put out all your well rehearsed jokes. It`s also allowed that i repeat my jokes i did in Accra as well as in Kumasi but in different ways” Foster noted.

Foster also touched on the long time feud between some comedians and event organizers Charter House adding that it was just a misunderstanding between the two which resulted in what it is today. “I think it was just not time for us at the time and we did not understand it. Now that it`s time, can`t you realize that we are now sharing the space with them on all their shows. This year for instance, we have four Nigerians and four Ghanaians and this should tell you something” he told Sammy Flex.

Romanus Incomplete 2019 is scheduled to happen at the National theatre tomorrow 23rd December at 7pm with all the finest comedians coming through to support a brother. Foster tells us this years edition will have both comedy and stage shows by his Nyansapo group with the kitchen as the theme. Let`s meet there for a great deal of laughter.




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