Stop Blabbering And Put On Exclusive Clothes – Fella Fires Sister Derby

Stop Blabbering And Put On Exclusive Clothes – Fella Fires Sister Derby

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It seems the bumpy relationship between Fella Makafui and Sister Derby is not ending soon as Fella has swiftly responded to claims that she is sister Derby’s clone.

Reacting to such claims, Fella indicated that she can never burn her clothes just because Derby wore a similar one in the past.

In a post aimed at Derby and her brother, Wanlov Kubolor on Instagram, the actress wrote;

“Dear sir or Madam, if you don’t want anybody “copying” your style, kindly wear exclusive dresses, shoes, bags, etc. If not, I am sorry I cannot and will never burn my outfits just because you have either worn it before or whatever and ooh I’m dark skin, industrious ,beautiful, love my short hair, thick ass and I do not intend to change that…Did I copy your wine shop, your clothing, eye lashes or what exactly.” 

“We grow pass this… I think you guys have drag my name enough..leave me alone or take me to court and stop playing the victim. I know this is not about me but yooo it’s been years..get over it!” She furthered.


Wanlov recently advised Fella Makafui to stop copying his sister, Deborah Vanessa, after she had successfully snatched his sister’s boyfriend.

The rapper described Fella Makafui as Sister Derby’s clone in an interview with MzGee on 3FM.

According to Kubolor Fella always does her best to copy his sister at every given opportunity.

The musician who renamed Fella Makafui as ” Fella Macopy” in his 2019 wrap up freestyle revealed that “I’ve seen a few and it’s crazy … I think she just likes Deborah and she wanted to emulate Deborah’s life and she emulated to a point where she even came to get Deborah’s boyfriend and now she’s continuing to be Deborah in a certain way”.

Below is a screenshot of the now deleted post on Instagram;




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