Stop exchanging ‘sex’ for movie roles – Emelia Brobbey

Stop exchanging ‘sex’ for movie roles – Emelia Brobbey

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Ghanaian actress, Emelia Brobbey has advised rising actresses to refrain from exchanging s*x for movie roles.

The veteran actress told Mr. Lattus on J.Life Fm’s Entertainment Chart Show that it is totally wrong for up and coming actresses to sleep with Movie directors and producers with the aim of getting roles to play in their movies.

“They should forget any producer or director who will demand for s*x before giving them roles…they should learn and follow our steps. Sleeping with someone won’t help you in any way.

“It’s about human relation and not s*x relation. They should be vigilant and join good production houses…they should look for the right productions that will be helping them rather than others that the executives will take advantage and sleep with them,” she said.

According to Emelia, anybody who will sacrifice her body with the intention of becoming a movie star will have her career crash along the way.

“Movie is business, so if he sleeps with you and you didn’t deliver after having the role…I don’t think you will have another role again. It’s your talent that will make you a star and not by sleeping with movie producers and directors.

“What can make you a movie star is humility, your human relations, and prayers. Sleeping with producers and directors wouldn’t bring out the best in you. It’s totally wrong for them to use s*x as a tool to penetrate into the movie industry. Everybody in one way or the other has a way that will make her become a recognized movie star. Some will shoot multiple movies…others will shoot just a single movie and they may be recognized. It depends on the luck,” she posited.

“I always feel shy when I hear that producers and film directors have s*x with characters before offering them roles in movies. It brings down the reputation of women. I don’t believe in sleeping with a movie producer or director before you can become a movie icon,” Emelia Brobbey got candid.


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