The 5 commandments of Solo travel

The 5 commandments of Solo travel

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In a far away land, with family or friends having the time of your life. Exploring new cultures and going on adventures. This is often our idea of a dream travel. Did you know that travel can be done alone? Often the experiences of solo travel live longer because we create them by ourselves and don’t depend on anyone else to make it successful. Below, Jumia Travel enumerates 5 key things to consider when traveling alone. Call it the 5 commandments of Solo Travel.

In a world where there are over 250 countries and over 4,400 cities, finding a perfect travel destination may be an arduous task. However, there are limited places where you can have a memorable experience when you travel alone. In many parts of the world, tourist destinations are designed with large numbers in mind. Some even have family and friends packages. When you travel alone, you may be lost in certain cities or not have the best experience at certain destinations. Always make sure you choose a destination that you have always dreamt of. One that you have planned for a while to make the experience memorable. Choose a perfect destination. If you must go alone, make sure the destination is perfect for just you.

When you travel in a group or with family, there is always a likelihood that there are one or two people to jump to your rescue when you are short of money. Some families enjoy traveling in a Perth 4WD hire vehicle which can help reduce the costs because its a vehicle and home in one. When you run out of money on your travel, you often should have a back-up. However, when you plan a solo trip, be sure that you plan adequately for it. Plan according to your budget so you don’t overspend and look on to find the best credit card you can use while traveling – they can save you a lot of time and money. You will not have anyone to fall on during such times. Plan for each hotel booking, each meal and each tour. Do not leave anything to chance or make plans outside your budget. What you have is all you have to spend. Do not spend on impulse else you might end up stranded.

As a solo traveler, never set off without knowing enough about your trip. Do not travel blind. You have to research adequately to know where exactly you are going, where you are staying, the places you will visit, languages, transportation means and other important information. Also have all documents intact before you move. Flight tickets, and hotel reservations as well as health insurance and passports should be well prepared. Remember, you have no one else to fall on when you get missing and relying on locals may end you in serious trouble as you ran the risk of falling prey to robbers and criminals. Get enough information before you set off.

When you are drowning with friends or family in an ocean and there is only one oxygen mask, there is unfortunately one option. Save yourself! It doesn’t mean you are selfish. Sometimes, you have to be by yourself. You have to wander around the world alone to find yourself. To reflect and make plans for the future. Sometimes, traveling solo is all you need to relax and destress. Don’t worry, there will be time for family travel. This time is all about you. Go alone and enjoy yourself.

The best memories are the ones that can be re-lived. You don’t necessarily have to be present at the same spot where you had the memory to enjoy it. Pictures and videos are probably two of the best means of capturing amazing memories. However, when you travel alone, you might want to pick up some memorabilia or artefacts to prove that you were actually at these places or to better tell your story. Some sand at the beach, some sea shells, a flag, iconic item, t-shirt or some sort of record is always great. If you return without record, you may have to go back there someday to truly enjoy the memories yet again.

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