The Ghana Film Industry Is Not Dead, Movie Producers Need To Be More Creative – John Dumelo

The Ghana Film Industry Is Not Dead, Movie Producers Need To Be More Creative – John Dumelo

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Ghanaian Actor, John Dumelo, has said that Ghanaian movie producers must find innovative ways to sell their movies whenever they produce them.

According to him, DVDs are gradually getting out of the system, so if they -the producers- produce their movies on CDs, Ghanaians will not patronize them.

Speaking to Foster Romanus on e.TV Ghana’s ‘The Late Nite Celebrity Show’ Mr. Dumelo

said, the country’s movie industry is being revitalised but the producers need to do more.
“I think that the Ghanaian movie industry is being revived. Producers are still producing, but the only thing wrong is that, the producers haven’t found innovative ways to market themselves. 10 year ago, you do a film, you put it on a CD, you go on the street and sell it, people will buy it and some at the end will say that they sold 50,000 or 100,000 copies. The thing is, these days, people don’t have the DVD players so even if you produce CDs where are they going to watch it?”

“Nowadays, everything is literally on the phone or laptop so if the film industry finds innovative ways to market it, people will still go and download it and a lot of them will also go to the cinema. I have never seen a Ghanaian film that has been premiered and only two or three people show up. Every film that have been premiered, it has been successful. You would also realize that a lot of people will walk and watch the film at the cinemas. But we need to bring it down to the level of those who can’t walk and go watch at the cinemas. We need to find innovative ways to market our movies,” he opined.

John Dumelo asserted that, despite the challenges the movie industry is facing, the film fraternity is still alive.




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