There Is Nothing Wrong With Sista Afia Kissing Fans On Stage – Bossu Kule

There Is Nothing Wrong With Sista Afia Kissing Fans On Stage – Bossu Kule

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Few days ago, a video of Sista Afia’s performance in Kumasi at the just ended #YfmAreaCodesJam circulated all over. The video which captured Sista Afia kissing 3 male fans on stage during her performance has been making headlines and attempts to reach Sista Afia or any member in her team regarding her performance on stage has been to no avail.

Finally, the PR for StreamLine Records and acting manager for Sista Afia, Bossu Kule speaks about the recent art the Kro Kro No hitmaker exhibited at the YFM Area Codes Jam in Kumasi.

Bossu Kule in a recent interview says, he sees nothing wrong with what Sista Afia did on stage. Explaining himself, Bossu Kule said, Sista Afia might have done that out of so much excitement or perhaps, to save the show from its boredom state.

His words below…

We never planned for her to be kissing on stage but as an entertainer, we need to understand what she did from that aspect. According to our representatives who traveled with her to perform that day, various circumstances occurred that left the crowd bored and dull. There were various performances by some male musicians before Sista Afia, yet, the crowd wasnt active. Sista Afia being an ‘up-comer’ and the only female musician for the show didnt know how to deliver for the patrons so she had to keep them in the hyper state while on stage.

If you should watch the video captured by Ebenezer Donkoh, you can tell that, Sista Afia was so excited to hear the fans perform her songs together. Who can blame her because just like the feeling any up and coming musician gets on stage to see they have people in different cities adoring their music, Sista Afia is no different from them. Tell you what, right after her performance, everyone at the venue was in the Halleluyah-Amen mood.

Bossu Kule before signing off from the interview promised not to brand their High Life songstress with that anymore.

I do accept the fact that, morally, it wasnt right for her to have done that and on behalf of the entire Streamline Records, we do apologize for exceeding her limit on stage. We therefore promise to make sure nothing of that sort ever happens from our camp.

Bossu Kule is also the Publicist for celebrated High Life legend, Bisa Kdei under Black Legendary Music.

Sista Afia is currently promoting her new single titled Are You Ready..

Watch the video below…



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