‘Timeless Love’; signs of secret love between Adina and  Kidi?

‘Timeless Love’; signs of secret love between Adina and Kidi?

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Afro-soul singer and winner of Best Vocalist at the Ghana Music
Awards, Adina Thembi continues to etch her shrill and lusty voice on
not just the fans but carefully coxing her way into the heart of MTN
Hitmaker star, Kidi. Celebrity journalists have described the two
‘lovebirds’ as inseparable as they coupled to produce one of the best
songs I’ve previewed so far.
Being an experienced producer with one of Africa’s top urban music
house, Lynx Entertainment, Kidi is seen as a talented young singer
with a promising future on the African music scene. This year has
been great for young upcoming musicians especially Afrobeat artistes
as their records get encouraging on-air rotation across Africa and
some parts of Europe.
‘Timeless love’ – The song
Something soothing about a young, innocent girl’s delivery on a love
song, but Adina isn’t; not arguable. Timeless love was originally sung by
Spanish singer and songwriter, Enrique Iglesias – a chart-topping
soundtrack ‘Cuando me enamoro’ for the award winning Telenovela
‘Timeless love’. Adina’s voice delivery is just prolific. Key attention to
the amazing works on the keyboard as Kidi enters with his doting
verse….‘walking to the stars to bring Adina the twilights” Dude got lines.
Adina joins in swearing her hearts out to do anything for Kidi. This is a
song for love. In this love song you definitely find fondness of two young
people delighted about their feelings for each other and openly expressing
If this is just a song, they shouldn’t let it be. I entreat Adina and Kidi to
make it real.
Get a taste of the theme song of GHOne TV’s new Telenovela ‘Timeless
love’ performed by Adina and Kidi below, and don't miss this award
winning, captivating love story this October on GHOne TV.



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