Too many lies in politics – Yvonne Nelson

Too many lies in politics – Yvonne Nelson

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One would have thought that having organised a hugely successful DumsorMustStop vigil in May last year, Yvonne Nelson would throw her weight fully behind a political party but the pretty actress says politics is a no go area for her.

She says the absence of truth and honesty in our body politics makes partisan politics unattractive to her even though she has no qualms with celebrities jumping into the political bandwagon.

“There are too many lies in politics and that is what puts politics and myself further apart because I am not good at telling lies and there is too much of that in there. Politicians tell one lie, then another and another and it goes on and on and I really detest that,” she told Showbiz last week.

Much as she is not into politics, the pretty actress believes that every Ghanaian who is an eligible voter should vote at the upcoming elections.

“Majority of the people who complain about the economic hardship in the country are in Accra and they do not vote. They sit at home and call radio stations but I believe everyone must exercise their right to vote. So please go out there and vote, maybe, the one you want to be president would win but how do you get them to assume the presidency if you don’t vote. Everyone must vote. I’m urging all Ghanaians to vote, that is the only way we can ensure that our voices are heard,” she added.

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