Tracy Sarkcess Begs Ghanaians On Behalf Of Sarkodie’s Twitter ‘Dictatorship’ Rants

Tracy Sarkcess Begs Ghanaians On Behalf Of Sarkodie’s Twitter ‘Dictatorship’ Rants

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Wife of Sarkodie, Tracy Sarkcess has asked Ghanaians to forgive her husband over his recent tweet about dictatorship.

This follows Sarkodie’s recent comment he made through a tweet about dictatorship which most Ghanaians didn’t understand him making a section of social media users descend on Sarkodie over his lack of English construction in a tweet concerning African leaders and how we are governed.

In a series of tweets, the rapper who over the years has been addressing national issues opened up on the slow developments in Africa.

“What we need at this point might seem like a dictatorship and will feel uncomfortable since we have enjoyed temporal [sic] freedom for a minute but we need drastic measures to survive,” his tweet read.

In another tweet to further express himself, he wrote: “We can’t be taking orders from the oppressor… it will never be in our favour.”

His tweet garnered many controversies with different opinions from social media users.

The comments that came under his tweets suggested that Sarkodie needs to be schooled again because he finds it difficult to construct English sentences, confusing himself and readers in general.

In a tweet by Tracy pleading on behalf of Sarkodie for his dictatorship comment, she wrote:

“Am pleading to all Ghanaians to forgive my husband(Sarkodie)on his recent comment made on “dictatorship”. We want Ghana to stand alone and fight for itself rather than Going back to what couldn’t help us. Hope my husband will be forgiven OneGhana Onepeople”.




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