Trials Draw Me Closer To God – Ohemaa Mercy

Trials Draw Me Closer To God – Ohemaa Mercy

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Ghanaian gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy has said she is closer to God because of the trials and difficulties she has faced in life.

According to her, she has over the years developed a relationship with God to the extent that she can hear God’s voice and understand when he speaks.

Speaking on Ayekoo Ayekoo on Accra 100.5FM on Thursday, 17 January 2019, the Wobeye Kese hitmaker said she trusts God so much to the extent that she prays for problems in her life because “the higher my problem the higher my breakthrough”.

“In my trials, I stick with God, so, today, I’ve understood God so much that when problems are not even coming, I call for problems,” she stated.

Speaking about marriage, the award-winning singer encouraged couples going through difficult times to know that: “The fight is not yours, there is grace in marriage and children in marriages are great and God’s gift. When you stick to the problems and believe that no matter the challenges I will stand and let my marriage survive, with God you’ll succeed”.

Ohemaa Mercy said God has used her on many occasions through her music to deliver and rescue others who are facing trials in their lives.

Citing an example, the songstress told host Nana Romeo that: “I was on radio preaching and did not even know a lady had poison in her hand ready to commit suicide, but as I spoke, the poison fell from her hand. She called the radio station and I invited her for counselling. I encouraged her and told her I’ve been through more trials than what she is facing, and, so, she should look up to God for her breakthrough”.

Ohemaa Mercy in December 2018 released her latest album called “My set time”, which is currently available on all digital platforms such as Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.




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