U.S based Ghanaian rapper, NuGenius, drops video for “Robustyle”

U.S based Ghanaian rapper, NuGenius, drops video for “Robustyle”

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U.S based Ghanaian Hip-hop gifted, NuGenius, drops some jaw-dropping, robust and erudition bars

on his latest Hip-hop jam dubbed “Robustyle” (Robust style).

The rap genius spits sensational punchlines on “Robustyle”.

NuGenius flexes his lyrical muscle and lyrical wrath with robust lines on the Trap-laced jam.

“Pay attention, decode!/Sensational, behold/My lines expose lies/Ah let the truth be told/…Ah cock

back, dump reload/Knowledge to your dome/Am killing this 2×3 feet below,” NuGenius depicts his

vocals in a form of a gun and his lines as knowledge which he shoots (dump) to his listeners


The rapper introduces himself on “Robustyle”.

“Birth of a new regime/Welcome to the outdooring,” he announces a new Rap regime and spits more

fire “The death of fake prophets/Their congregation mourning/I’ve been slept on for long/And still

can hear them snoring/E no be morning/Wake up, your breathe stink as you yawning.”

He dropped more punchlines that genius readers could give more than five annotations to it. The

“Move With Us” rapper continues to spit “Can’t defy gravity/They be falling…adoring/You used to be

dema (their) favourite/What happened/They say you be boring/You be nuts without balls. How the

fuck you claim you balling? This be record just for the records/Keep recording.”

The 3:39seconds record gets more interesting as you listen.

The simple video was directed by NuGenius himself and he did 80% of editing, and 50% of shooting.

Enjoy the video which was shot in New York City below.




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