US Based Ghanaian Gospel Singer Minister Oheneba PK Releases ‘’We Shout Hallelujah’’

US Based Ghanaian Gospel Singer Minister Oheneba PK Releases ‘’We Shout Hallelujah’’

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Ghanaian gospel singer, Minister OhenebA PK is poised to bre boundaries with his first gospel single ‘’We Shout Hallelujah’’.

The former hiplife and contemporary highlife singer since founding the right path, has decided to do gospel to manifest his God given talent.

During his days as a highlife singer, the now Minister of God won an award in the US.

He now performs in various church programs and is currently in talks with a major record label in the US, as he looks forward to fully going mainstream as a gospel artiste.

According to the US based Ghanaian singer, he considers himself as a worshipper but also believes in praise.

Raised to know God by his parents, Oheneba Pk got caught up with worldly things and then God called him back to use the gift He placed on him for His work.

‘’I have led a life of hopelessness in the past but I’m closer to God now than ever before’’, he stated.

Emphasizing on the reason why he turned to God, Oheneba PK added, ‘’ I can’t take any credit of any of my songs because it was all given to me by God. To me, everything means nothing without Christ in us.’’

Buddy Roro produced his new single, ‘’We Shout Hallelujah’’ with lead vocals recorded at Manchester Connecticut by one of the best producers in the music industry “Scott Worthington” of Worthington Media.

Oheneba PK sees himself more than just an artiste as he aspires to positively touch the lives of people, bring souls to Christ, lead people to Worship and Praise God, and also to take care of the needy, widows, the sick, and the destitute.

He is also the first Ghanaian Gospel Artist with a different Praise and unique style.

You can follow him on social media platforms via; twitter @ohenebapk, Instagram @ohenebapk and facebook on Ohenebapk.



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