Victoria Michaels Is FGHA’s Biggest Award Recipient

Victoria Michaels Is FGHA’s Biggest Award Recipient

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When the nominees and honorees were announced back in June, the form the honors would take, wasn’t disclosed to the public. In keeping with that, the plan was kept strictly under wraps by the organizers until Saturday evening the 27th day of July,2021, when the supermodel was honored with the most inspiring, accolade
packed documentary about her fashion, entrepreneurship and philanthropic journey so far.

This is in addition to a custom crystal glass plaque that reads – Victoria Michaels honored for your contribution towards the growth of the Ghanaian Fashion Industry. It was a memorable night for the fashion industry and this very captivating speech by Victoria Michaels spiced up the occasion.

“Good evening Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. It has been a great week for me but there is a saying that what cannot break you only makes you stronger. So I want to assure you all that I’m doing very well. I am strong and cannot be broken. This is a very beautiful award. It is both inspiring and refreshing for me to be here
to receive it. Usually, I would speak to certain aspects of the Fashion Industry but tonight I would like to say some things that will hopefully inspire someone to begin to aim higher in their craft, in the steps they take in their journey to becoming whatever they aspire to become.

The first is my conviction that a young woman out there is going to make a decision to pursue their career relentlessly from tonight. A model who is about to give up will be motivated to move on and achieve greater goals. And a creative who is losing steam will start gaining some momentum. I dedicate this award to everyone
that has refused to give up, keep fighting for that dream…It will surely become a reality.

I am grateful to the organizers and all my fans. Let’s keep doing impactful things
together. Thank you, Jesus! God bless us all” A thought provoking and inspiring acceptance speech indeed. Congratulations Victoria. We are proud of you!!



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