Video: Criss Waddle blasts Shatta Wale | Accuses Him Of Stealing “Bie Gya” song

Video: Criss Waddle blasts Shatta Wale | Accuses Him Of Stealing “Bie Gya” song

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On Wednesday afternoon, an angry Criss Waddle took to social media, dissing Shatta Wale ‘mercilessly’ via a video he posted on his page.

The video was captioned as follows; “Shatta Wale is a sellout, how can you sell your only industry soldier out because of a hit song “Bie Gya” hhmmm humans are so unpredictable?#?AMGCEOBADPASSTHEM?“

In the video, Criss Waddle was first seen jamming to Bie Gya by himself and Stonebwoy, whom Shatta has always been in competition with.

He then called Shatta out, as a sell out and a fake nigga, indicating Shatta hasn’t been loyal and even sold out even his closest buddies Ara B, RM, D-Sheriff and more, whom he came out with. “That no be the life of a gangster”, Criss stated.

According to Criss Waddle, he had been very loyal to Shatta Wale, siding with him when he was battling Charter House, not knowing that Shatta wasn’t fighting for the industry, but selfishly for himself only.

He also mentioned he was a serious liar, then compared the dance hall artiste to Stonebwoy, mentioning that while Stonebwoy has almost millions of followers on social media, Shatta was dealing with small numbers of around 100k to 200k.

The whole issue has to do with the ‘Bie Gya’ jargon. You would know by now that, there is a new song titled “Bie Gya” which Criss Waddle featured Stonebwoy on and was released some few days ago.

Apparently, Shatta Wale also released a song titled “Bie Gya” before the official release of Criss Waddle and Stonebwoy’s own.

When the song was finally released by Waddle, lots of Social Media commentators teased him, that he copied Shatta Wale, especially the Shatta Wale fans.

Now, Criss Waddle, has revealed in the video he posted on Facebook that, he was the one who owned, the song “Bie Gya” but when Shatta Wale heard it, he rushed to make a beat and managed to release his song before their release.

Criss Waddle in the video also added; “If you are a real gangster, meet me one on one, don’t come with anybody and I will break your bone, or that your mouth, ago make e make extra big, ago punch am”.




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