Vodafone “Healthline” Is Back!

Vodafone “Healthline” Is Back!

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It is arguably the most highly anticipated show on local television in Ghana. There is always something about it that makes it unforgettable. 

The manner of the delivery; the perfect execution of the selected cases and the rave reviews afterwards. Vodafone Healthline has always remained the darling of many homes; and for Vodafone, it remains its flagship commitment to the health industry in Ghana. 

“Healthline on TV remains the ultimate reflection of what we mean by a commitment to social good and purpose, said Gayheart Mensah, External Affairs Director.

Healthline has a voice. It speaks to the needs of the average Ghanaian who cannot afford basic access to healthcare delivery. People with next to impossible medical conditions are catered for through highly complex surgeries that have the power to sway mankind. The other day, a customer called the Vodafone Call center and lamented the absence of the programme on TV. The Vodafone agent had a simple message for her – “Watch this space.”

Beginning next month, the newly packaged and improved Healthline programme is back to take health information and access to healthcare to a different level. 

Publicly acknowledged as the most impactful health programme to hit TV screens in the country, this year’s edition is promising a unique approach to captivating audiences across the country. Vodafone’s Healthline programme has significantly contributed to changing the lives of Ghanaians since its debut some ten years ago. It has gone about its business by providing Ghanaians with expert health information and advice that have encouraged and empowered them to take control of their lives. 

Director of Consumer Business, Pushpinder Gujral, says:

“We cannot wait to start airing this amazing programme on TV. We believe in a commitment to the communities in which we live and work. Access to Healthcare information is a fundamental issue for the average Ghanaian and Healthline is the answer.”

The 1-hour 13-episode multi-award winning series will cover topics such as bones and joints, pregnancy, mental health, hypertension and diabetes. Additionally, it will interact with some of Healthline’s past beneficiaries to find out how their lives have been impacted by the programme. 

Since 2011, Healthline continues to addresses the health concerns of Ghanaian’s through free surgeries, education & entertainment.



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