VVIP, EXP Ghana, Others Launch 2019 Sallahfest

VVIP, EXP Ghana, Others Launch 2019 Sallahfest

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Sallahfest, a carnival to celebrate Ghana’s largest congregation of Muslims at the end of Ramadan has been launched in Accra. 

The whole day celebration of Eid in Nima draws audiences from across the entire country, especially residents of Accra and Kumasi.

For almost two decades, VVIP has led the charge to celebrate the big day for Muslims in Ghana at Nima (the unofficial Head Quarters of the Muslim community) with a musical concert.

In 2011, the event evolved and transcended music with the introduction of free food and drinks for attendees immediately after the Eid-ul-Fitr prayers.

This year marks the 21st anniversary of Sallahfest and the milestone will be celebrated in grand style with the inclusion of new activities aimed at spicing up the festival and creating more marketing opportunities for sponsors.

The festival is organized by EXP Ghana in collaboration with Hiplife group ‘VVIP’ and Chapter O and sponsored by MTN Ghana, Conservaria producers of Gina, Wilmar Ghana producers of Fortune rice and Frytol, Nivea and FLY TV.

A look at the programme outline for the Sallahfest

1. Chiefs’ Parade: A parade of the various sub-chiefs within the Nima community, each with their entourage. 

2. Football Competition: To sustain interest and build momentum towards Sallah Day, there will be a football competition between the various Zongo communities in Accra. The match will take place at the Kawukudi Park in Kanda on Sunday 26th May at 3pm.

3.Quizzes & Recitals: There will be a Qur’an Recital and Quiz activity on 1st June, 2019. 

In collaboration with the religious teachers in the community, this quiz will be among the various sub-communities in Nima. Winners will be provided with various prizes donated by sponsors. 

4.Online Amplification: This year Sallahfest will be heavily driven online with a hashtag to cut through the clutter and give all stakeholders the needed traction and exposure.

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