Walk Away From Your Marriage- Obaapa Christy Tells Women

Walk Away From Your Marriage- Obaapa Christy Tells Women

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Ghanaian gospel singer Obaapa Christy wants those who are not comfortable in their marriage to walk out of it. She talked against partners who are authoritative in their marriage and gave advise on how the victims can live happier.

“There are several marriages that if you decide to talk, your partner will question how sensible you are for you to share your thoughts when everybody is talking. There are countless of such marriages in this country. If you don’t have sense and you are still married to this person, what are you expecting from the marriage? Whatever you say is not respected. “

She revealed also that marrying a pastor is not an easy task. “If you separate with your partner, it does not mean you are enemies. Some people keep mute and stay in bad marriage which kills them at the end of the day but for some people God has second chance for them so He uses several means to collapse their marriage.”

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