What A Kojo Antwi Song Has Put Together, Let No One Put Asunder

What A Kojo Antwi Song Has Put Together, Let No One Put Asunder

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‘Music Man’, Kojo Antwi has revealed his music has played matchmaker over the years.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show, Thursday, Kojo Antwi, said he knows some of the couples who met through his music that have been married for years.

He told Daniel Dadzie, “tonight, one of the couples is coming to the concert with their family (Joy FM’s Lovers Dinner Dance) to celebrate 20 years of marriage.”

The ‘Maestro’ added, “I performed in the US and through my music, an African American and a Ghanaian met, got married and named their child after me.”

Kojo Antwi said he likes to celebrate strong and beautiful love and seeing couples meet and love each other so much, makes love worth celebrating.

He stated his respect and admiration for the wife of Ghana’s goalkeeper at the 2006 World Cup (Richard Kingson), only increased his quest to appreciate love the more and make more music to celebrate couples.

Kojo Antwi said, “I heard this story about Olele [Kingson] when Ghana was playing in the world cup. He was offered a huge sum of money to allow the opponent to score, Olele called his wife, ‘honey, I am getting an offer, they said I should allow some goals in’.

“But then she tells him, she likes the goalkeeper, just like he is, ‘don’t do it’. For me, I thought that was great, we needed to celebrate Olele’s wife for her words and love for the man.”

The ‘Ateteakoma’ singer said that love went beyond the Hollywood love many people have used as a yardstick for the kind of love that exists.

“The black love is deeper than any Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet, it is tested and it is worth celebrating,” he added.

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