Why always Kwahu? 5 Other fun places to spend Easter in Ghana

Why always Kwahu? 5 Other fun places to spend Easter in Ghana

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‘’Kwahu ooo Kwahu’’ This is a very popular jargon you will hear in Ghana around this period. You know what it means right? EASTER is here!!! Ghanaians like to party and fun is probably the first word after independence in the dictionary of many Ghanaians. Kwahu, in the mountainous Eastern region of Ghana is renowned for the massive euphoria and fun that it possesses during every Easter season. Year after year, the numbers that troop to Kwahu to celebrate easter increases. One may ask the magical question, why? The answers may vary and opinions may be divided. It is however no hidden secret that it is the people rather than the place that makes Kwahu special every easter, That notwithstanding,there is always rigorous business activities, excitement and great culture on display. But pause! Take a minute and think about easter elsewhere in Ghana. What if this year, you have another option? Won’t you love to go elsewhere for a change? Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel agent looks at a few other fun places to spend easter in Ghana.



Located in the volta region of Ghana, this coastal town boasts amazing history, great people and eye-catching culture and tradition. Easter is celebrated in earnest here with many of the local folk preparing throughout the first quarter of the year for this period. Other sons and daughters of this town who have migrated elsewhere for greener pastures also return home to join the party. It’s often great to see both the young and old plunge into the streets to cheer, dance and make merry amidst cultural dance displays. The whole town joins in this celebration with others from neighbouring cities and regions traveling here to join in the party. Pubs and bars operate at their fullest while some major brands organize carnivals and concerts.The other days are reserved for beaching and relaxing.


The Garden City. Often known as the city of extremes. When it comes to work and business, the whole city is involved. When it’s time to have fun as well, the entire city comes to life. Talk of towns like Bantama, Adum and Ahodwo and you will see several people troop to pubs, clubs and bars to have a drink or two, dance and have fun. There is never a dull moment in Kumasi. During easter, many ‘’Kumasianos’’ who have travelled all around the country for work, take advantage of the long weekend to go back home and visit friends and family they haven’t seen for a very long time. It’s often a homecoming here. With lot’s of recreational centres and tourist sites to visit, you can tag along if you have never been to Kumasi or if you are a foreigner in Ghana. Comparatively, Kumasi is not as congested as Kwahu during this period reducing the risk of crime and giving you an atmosphere of relaxation, calm and excitement.



Beaches, boats, fishing, great music and some funny costumes are among the many things you can enjoy at Cape-Coast on any given day. However, during easter, the excitement doubles. It’s like a new breathe of fresh air has been pumped into the city. Chiefs and traditional leaders organize small durbars where there are lots of cultural displays, dance and exhibition of culture. There are also fun trips organized by many institutions to various tourist sites. For example, various school clubs visit the castle, the Kakum National Park and other sites with their members. The evenings are just what you need if you have never been on the coast. Bonfires on the beach, music, drinks and lots of dancing characterizes the whole period. The food is impeccable and the people are welcoming. The options are many and you cannot be bored on a trip to Cape-coast during this time.


Not the very first place to come to mind when you think about a destination to spend easter. This city in the middle of the country offers great landscape and vegetation and for the those who prefer to be alone and go on a lonely adventure, this is your best bet. The city is often quiet for the most part since during easter, market activities are at the bearest minimum. On a small scale, there is some level of activity in the evenings as well. There are also some very good hotels with gyms and lounges where you can grab a drink or watch a movie or some football. You can even visit the Buabeng Fiema monkey sanctuary or the Kintampo waterfall to relax, sight see and take some good pictures.The city is often very cold around this period and it’s often a good time to have a walk in the garden or go to parks. The food here is amazing and the standard of living here is also a bit lower than the other cities. For families and lovers who need some time to themselves, welcome to Sunyani. You will enjoy Sunyani if you are not a fan of the noise and jamboree.


The port city or the harbour city as many call it is in the Western region of Ghana. Recently, the city has become popular for the oil find and other trade activities. The city is a naturally charged atmosphere with people always ready to join in the party. Here too, there are several beaches and fun places such as clubs, pubs and bars where a lot of people converge to have fun.A lot of companies also organize team building exercises and excursions or trips to this city during major holidays such as easter. There is no way you will have a slow time in takoradi. There are several tourist sites to visit as well. The ports and forts are great places to visit during the day and then join the party at night. There are ultramodern hotels available and accommodation shouldn’t be a problem at all

It’s always good to do something else and go somewhere else for change. Kwahu will always remain the first choice of many travelers and fun lovers this easter but if you want a change, try any of the above listed cities. Thank me later.

Credit : Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel



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