Why My Colleague Actors See Me As Bossy And Arrogant – Bill Asamoah Explains

Why My Colleague Actors See Me As Bossy And Arrogant – Bill Asamoah Explains

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President for the Ashanti Regional Chapter of the Ghana Actors Guild, Bill Asamoah has reacted to claims that he is arrogant and bossy to colleagues when they approach him.

The movie star in an interaction with Zionfelix on his ‘Celebrity Ride’ show denied the assertion. He explained that he is a principled human being who does not mix work with pleasure.

The actor known in private life as William Asamoah Addo stated that he has structured his life in a way that he knows when to joke with colleagues and when to be serious. According to him, he will not entertain jokes when he is on set to work for a businessman who has pumped millions of cedis into a movie project for the person to run at a loss.

The father of four added that his colleagues conclude that he is haughty and bossy when he does not give them the chance to joke on set. He pleaded with Ghanaians not to believe those comments because he is very jovial. To him, he welcomes all when it is not the time for work so it baffles him to hear people accuse him of being stuck-up and bossy.

“Most people hate disciplinarians. People close to me are aware that I’m not arrogant but what they are not realising is that I don’t mix business with pleasure. If we are working let’s be serious but if we are done with the business and its time for fun, then we focus on that aspect as well. I don’t see the reason why somebody would invest cash into a project and you want us to play on set when it’s time for us to act. Every second is money and I’m sure you know that because the producer rents cameras, hire a crew and a lot, the cost increases per second. So I always want them to understand that when we get on set it is business time so let’s zoom into it and when we are done, we can have all the fun in the world” Bill Asamoah told Zionfelix on the ‘Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix”

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