Why my Ex Wife Left – Emeka Ike

Why my Ex Wife Left – Emeka Ike

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Nollywood Actor Emeka Ike has disclosed that there have been two unsuccessful attempts to kill him from which he has escaped unhurt. The Actor went on to say that the threat to his life accounts for one of the reasons why his ex-wife Suzanne opted for a divorce.

Speaking to PUNCH’s Sunday Scoop, the actor said:

This matter with my ex-wife is not an important issue. There are more important things I’m concerned with right now and I wouldn’t want to lose focus. A time is coming when I would set the records straight about what really transpired between us. There have been two attempts to kill me and both times, I escaped unscathed.

That’s part of the reason my wife left; she is running for her life. I know that some people are blackmailing her and it is the same set of people that leaked the news of our divorce to the media. Even before I got to court with my lawyer on the day judgment was delivered, the news was already on the Internet that my marriage had been dissolved. But the good thing is that I know the people behind this and I will talk at the right time.

If it is true that I’m violent, why did the jury which comprised women grant me custody of our four young children? That should tell you something is not right.

Emeka Ike undeterred by the attempts on his life and divorce saga, went on to speak on the improvements under his watch as the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) president.

“Now, if you want to make a movie in Nigeria, you can go to any police station; apply properly and they would give you all the police hardware you need. You can use the commissioner’s office, the trucks and other facilities. This would definitely add more colour to our productions,” he said.



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