Why The Coast is the best place for a vacation in Ghana

Why The Coast is the best place for a vacation in Ghana

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‘’I need a vacation”. This has become more of an unsatisfactory cliché over the years. Many people say it only because they feel tired and need a break from work. They however actually do not intend to travel to a far away city or country away from the chaos and stress of their home cities. There are handfuls though who mean what they say. A vacation destination that many people all over the world target is Africa. The moment they think about Africa, countries like Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania (and its tanzania safari) , and South Africa come to mind. These are places with rich culture, heritage, tradition, and amazing tourist destinations. In Ghana, you will find a vast range of different types of tourist destinations and options for your holiday rentals. There’s just so much out there to do, see, and stay in after all!. The best place to spend your time on vacation in Ghana however may be the coast. Jumia Travel enumerates a few reasons why the coast of Ghana is a great place to consider for your travel.

  1. Business – The coast of Ghana is the gateway to the outside world by sea. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the coast of Ghana enables business travelers on vacation to successfully export goods and services easily to their countries or other business partners worldwide. Unlike when you camp in the middle belt or northern parts of the country. When you are that far, it is more expensive to send the items down to the coast before exporting since the country’s main airport is also located in the coastal area. In Ghana, the coastal towns are also the main business districts with many industries, harbours and companies situated there. You may be on a vacation, but camping here makes it possible to do business at any time.

2. Health benefits – Lodging on the coast also comes with its own health benefits. The breeze is usually different at the beaches and it is often recommended as good therapy to jog on the beaches for fitness. Also, most of the major health facilities, gyms, and other health related establishments are here. You have easy access to them as compared to the other remote parts of the country.

3. Ambience & Aesthetics – How many more beautiful sights and scenes are there in this world that that of a well-kept beach? The coconut trees guarding the peach looking beach sand watching over blue waters. In Accra, Takoradi, Cape Coast and the Volta region, you will find such amazing sights and scenes. The ambience is just incredible. A sunny day tanning on the beach while reading some business news in the newspaper or that favourite novel is just what you need. Going out on a hike (with the proper equipment found from an Outdoor Empire article on hand of course), or a night walk at the beach with that special person watching the sunset or stargazing may be the final piece of the vacation jigsaw puzzle you were looking for.


4. Fun and Excitement – Even if your mission in Ghana was business, after 5 intense days of stress, there has to be two days of fun and excitement. We call it the weekend! On Saturdays and Sundays, beaches in the coast of Ghana are just ‘’on fire”. With so many people in a party mood, good music, interesting dance moves and some outrageous side-attractions, there is no place else you can be on a Sunday afternoon. Learn some unique Ghanaian dance moves to take back with you. Your friends and family may need them the next time they plan a trip here too. This is just what you need to relax and be ready for the week ahead.

5. Reflection and Planning – When you want to go far away from noise, chaos and people just to have time for yourself, think no further than the coast or the beach. The peace and quiet of the beach on a weekday coupled with the gentle splashing sounds of the waves present the ideal setting for reflection and planning. Artists usually come here for inspiration, imagination and creativity. Musicians come here just to have the peace to create new lyrics and melody. Businessmen come here to brainstorm and give birth to new ideas and strategies. If it is about life too, that is just the ideal place to go. You have the perfect setting to reflect on the past, analyse the present and make plans for the future.

Interestingly, there are tourist sites and businesses spread all over the country and some are honestly very attractive. However, if you must choose, choose the coast. Its definitely your ticket to ‘’vacation happyland”.

Credit: Bennet Otoo, JumiaTravel



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