WOW! Smartphones can now feed us!

WOW! Smartphones can now feed us!

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HUNGRY? Just pull out your phone! Give it a few taps, wait a while and food is served!

How easy and convenient. Once upon a time, you needed to prepare breakfast, lunch or supper always if you wanted to avoid buying from the streets. This was time consuming and energy sapping for many corporate businessmen and women. For students, although cooking seems economical than buying, campus kitchens and balconies may not be the ideal places to prepare the meals of your choice. Then came the era of fast foods, drive throughs and restaurants. This greatly helped because one could just walk into any restaurant, place the order and grab a meal. However, this came with it’s own disadvantages especially for the corporate world and students who are always racing against time. Technology advanced and ecommerce evolved. Today there is a way that allows you to pick up your phone, order your preferred meal from your favourite restaurant and get it delivered at your doorstep. No stress involved!!! Jumia Food, your ultimate online food delivery service takes a look at how our smartphones can now feed us.

Improvements in technology have made everything so easy and although online food orders cannot be restricted to just smartphones, food orders with smartphones represent a large chunk of the market. Tablets. Desktops and other devices play their parts but as no one ever moves without his/her smartphone, our smartphones can now feed us. By getting an app or logging onto a website, you get to order your favourite meal from your preferred restaurant or local food vendor and get it delivered to you at your doorstep. The question which may be on your mind now is how does this work? Here are a few steps to guide you through and ensure that you never go hungry regardless of where you are.

  1. Download the app and sign-up – Who doesn’t own a smartphone? Who is not on facebook and twitter? Nearly everyone now has a smartphone but many underutilize it. Why would you just use this important device for social media and calls when you have a device that can do wonders. All you have to do is go to your application store and download the app. Install it and sign up filling in your contact details and preferred delivery point. Alternatively, you can go on the website and sign up as well. The platforms are designed to be used on smartphones, tablets and even desktops.You are good to go. Simple isn’t it?

  1. Now when you are hungry, just login your account, select your preferred location and browse through the restaurants. What exactly do you crave for? Select your meal and confirm the price. You can even add additional requests to your order. For instance, you want the order delivered to a different location or you want special things added, you can indicate all of these. If you have a voucher discount , you can as well input it to get a reduction. Now you are almost there.




  1. When you are sure all the details are correct and your order is exactly what you want, you can place the order. A customer service agent will call to confirm your order  or in most cases, you will get a call from your delivery man in a few minutes. To make this experience very user friendly and interactive, you will get updates if the order delays or when the rider picks up.


  1. At this stage, you would have done everything on your part to ensure that your food is served. The final step is when a rider picks up your order from the restaurant and brings it straight to your doorstep. The beauty about this is that, there are well trained professional riders with excellent customer service skills. They deliver fast and your order is always intact with no spillage. What you want is what you get. It’s amazing how convenient it gets from the time you placed the order till the time the food reaches your lips. You basically have one job to do which is to wait. Not for long though because as every great business will do, there is a strict policy on delays. Once your order delays, you have the benefit of getting your next meal order for free. Amazing isn’t it?

Rather than wait through traffic to get home and cook, you can get food delivered to your office, or at your doorstep at home. The beauty is that you can either pay online or when the food gets delivered. How far is your favourite restaurant? Do you have to walk long minutes or join a bus or two just to get there? Let your smartphone feed you. If you didn’t know, now you know! Your smartphone doesn’t only take good pictures and videos. It can feed you too. Bon appetite! The food you love, delivered fast!




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