‘Year of Return’ Dangerous For Ghana’s Culture – David Dontoh

‘Year of Return’ Dangerous For Ghana’s Culture – David Dontoh

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Ghanaian actor David Dontoh who is not enthused by the propensity of an average Ghanaian to be influenced by foreign culture has said in an interview sighted by MyNewsGh.com that the Year of Return celebration could worsen the situation.

“Now that because of Year of Return, African Americans are coming and a lot of them are coming to settle and a lot of things like that it’s even going to get worse because we have been trained to easily fall for anything foreign and that’s where the danger lies,” he said.

He lamented the neglect of Ghanaian culture, insisting Ghanaians no longer pay attention to indigenous norms and ethics.

“Because we love not for Ghanaian culture, we live not for Ghanaian ethics, we live not with Ghanaian norms, we live not for anything Ghanaian but we call ourselves Ghanaians,” he added.

David Dontoh is known for the ‘Agoro’ game show, which sought to create awareness of the culture of the people, and has starred in numerous local and international movies including ‘Deadly Voyage’, ‘Beasts of No Nation’, ‘Somewhere in Africa’, Police Officer – Part 2? (Tiger Of Wamba), ‘Heritage Africa’, ‘I Surrender’ and ‘Juju.

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