You’ve Become A Slave To Weed – Dada Hafco Tells Yaa Pono

You’ve Become A Slave To Weed – Dada Hafco Tells Yaa Pono

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Highlife musician Dada Hafco believes that rapper Yaa Pono has become a slave to weed contrary to the rapper’s claim that the substance is good and he smokes sometimes before recording. 

Yaa Pono in a recent interview on Hitz FM revealed that he smokes “good weed” before entering his studio.

Responding to Yaa Pono’s statement in an interview with Frankie 5 on “This Is Gospel” on Hitz FM, Dada Hafco advised the rapper against attributing his exploits to the usage of weed.

Dada Hafco

‘‘People become slaves of substances. When they become slave of substances then they attribute the success to them which may not be the truth,’’ he said. 

Terry Asare Boamah, better known as Dada Hafco, who seems not to trust in this source of inspiration stated that talent is from God and not from any drug. 

‘‘You have allowed yourself to be enslaved by that…Talent is from God. You need not to up it with any substance to be able to be a good creator,’’ he added. 

The singer stressed that these drugs don’t necessarily influence the creative process of artistes as some have suggested. 

‘‘I don’t believe that you have to do something to put you in a certain mood…Maybe when you tell yourself that for a whole month you are not going to drink or smoke and create then you going to realise,’’ he stated. 

Dada Hafco on ‘This Is Gospel’ also disclosed that his encounter with Jesus Christ has positively influenced his life.




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