Zylofon Arts Fund Inks Contract With Global Cinemas

Zylofon Arts Fund Inks Contract With Global Cinemas

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Zylofon Arts Fund, one outfit of media giant, Zylofon Media has landed a deal with Global cinemas, Weija.

In a series of interviews, movie producers complained of the lack of cinemas and how the few available ones take fifty percent of the earnings from movie premieres, which is to a huge demerit to them.

Responding to this plea, the Arts Fund has inked a 70/30 percentage share contract between producers and Global Cinemas respectively.

Early on, ZAF launched Zylofon View, Ghana’s number one online cinema, an online portal for premiering made in Ghana movies.

Furthermore the Arts Fund had taken various measures to curb distribution problems facing the movie industry.

Communications director of ZAF, Franky 5 announced in a recent gathering that ZAF has identified potential avenues for movie premieres and at a low cost.

After intervening on behalf of the industry, ZAF concluded that, premiering of movies in Kumasi and Tamale have been reduced to a 60/40 percentage share and in Sunyani a 70/30 percent share between producers and the cinemas respectively.

Source: zylofonmediaonline.com



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