Zylofon Arts Fund Teams Up With Models Union Of Ghana

Zylofon Arts Fund Teams Up With Models Union Of Ghana

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Zylofon Arts Fund (ZAF), has joined forces with the Models Union of Ghana (MODUGHA) to further facilitate their agenda to elevate and improve the creative industry.

This collaboration is among other projects, to facilitate the sale and distribution of hard copies of made in Ghana movies.

Regardless their numerous projects and strategies to aid the creative arts sector, ZAF has entered this partnership with MODUGHA to combat some of the challenges facing the movie industry and creative arts as a whole

The models from the union will assist in marketing the movies to complement the efforts of the various ZAF distribution outlets across the country, in exchange for commission based wages.

Spokesperson of ZAF, Frank noted that, measures have been undertaken to improve quality and security of these DVDs.

“Our DVD’s have very high quality package, very attractive and with bar codes to be able to monitor wherever the sales are. They are protected and cannot be copied”, Frank iterated.

Source: zylofonmediaonline.com



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