10 New Artists That Need To Be Heard In 2019 – Compiled By Ghkwaku

10 New Artists That Need To Be Heard In 2019 – Compiled By Ghkwaku

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2018 was a year where we saw lots of emerging talents come out of no where to give us bangers upon bangers.

The likes of Kofi Mole, Ayat, Tulenkey, Quamina MP, Yaw Berk, Krymmi and the talent in the likes of Kwesi Arthur, King Promise, Kidi, Kuami Eugene and more really came to light as well in 2018.

Check Out my top 10 list of underground artists that need to shine before end of the year 2019 which i put together through tags by my followers on instagram after i requested them to tag their best bets of artists to break through this year. (In no particular order).

  1. Kweku Afro

Kweku Afro is a very good singer. He has a very powerful voice and is a genius when it comes to playing live. He has too much energy and is very versatile as well. You will mostly find him playing inside Cockpit inside achimota mall with his band. You can check his works online.

Kweku Afro

2. M3dal

Medal is an all-round type of musician who has been pushing very hard to break through with some of his works almost known to a section of Ghanaian. I feel this year could be his year.


3. Twitch

I checked out this boy “Twitch” after he was tagged and for the first time this year, i was totally blown away by the gift this boy possesses. Its not too long until he breaks through.


4. J. Derobie

I am very sure by now most of you guys know about J. Derobie and his breakthrough. He recorded a video and posted on instagram to compete for the empawa 100 competition spearheaded by Mr Eazi, the rest is what you are seeing trending around town. He recorded the song and featured Mr Eazi and as well shot the video, all powered by Empawa. His breakthrough is somewhat a miracle and i personally believe if he is able to follow up with some very good songs, his name will be on the lips of everyone in Ghana by close of this year.

J. Derobie

5. K.D Bakes

K.D bakes is a very talented singer. His style is very unique and sometimes one might think he is Nigerian. He has a very powerful voice and very versatile on all kinds of beats. Freestyle is one thing i like about him, he’s very creative at his craft. He needs to be heard this year.


6. Novo

Under the auspices of ground-up charle, you’ll find lots of talented artists. The likes of Kwesi Arthur, Kofi Mole, Tulenkey, Quamina MP amongst others have found breakthrough in the year 2018. Novo is one of the few talented boys under the umbrella of the movement that is yet to see the light shine bright and his talent manifest to shoot him into the limelight and i believe this year is his year. A very fine rapper and he can as well blend it with the singing to give you some wicked tunes. anticipate more action from him in 2019.


7. King Zumm

King Zumm is a very popular name in the neighborhood of Nungua and Teshie but ever since the dancehall artist started doing music he’s not been able to cross those boundaries into mainstream and i strongly believe this year he can do that. You must check on him.

King Zumm

8. Makafui

Clarksville entertainment Signee, Makafui has got a very powerful voice. He has released a couple of songs that justifies his singing prowess. He got the looks and his branding looks very solid. Check out some of his works online and i’m sure he has a lot more coming that can get him that recognition he deserves before close of this year.

9. Akiyana

One of the few female artists that is working very hard to get to the top. With the talent this girl possesses, a little attention this girl is given by industry players and the media would really do her and the industry a lot of good with most of our female acts all literally sleeping. Akiyana is a big talent we need to pay attention to this year.

10. Jay Kenn

I came across Jay Kenn for the first time on instagram after he was tagged under my post where i asked my followers to tag their artists they feel should blow this year. I heard him sing for the first time and i was overly impressed. Ghana is really blessed with talents. You need to check him out and listen to him sing for yourself and then come tell me why you think this guy doesn’t deserve to blow this year, He’s a genius at what he does.

Jay Kenn

There are more talents which i believe couldn’t make the list, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve equal recognition and platform to shine, these were the few i personally came across and compiled per the tags i received on my instagram and as much as everyone else can breakthrough this year, these are the top 10 i feel could surprise everyone. Its just my instincts i’m deploying here. Anything can happen, i equally wish the best for every upcoming and promising artist, this year is your year. Amen

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