21 Things We Learnt From Shatta Wale’s Radio Conference

21 Things We Learnt From Shatta Wale’s Radio Conference

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Shatta Wale in his radio conference has confirmed he has parted ways with Bulldog of BullHaus Entertainment.

These are twenty one things we learnt from the Dancehall King’s narration on Pluzz FM;

One: Shatta Wale’s entourage includes Deportee (He recommended Bulldog to Shatta Wale), Stone and Willy. Only these three understand him. They were there from day one.

Two: It wasn’t hype and to prove this he stated clearly “I’m not into dem hype things. I’m not granting any interviews after this.

Three: Shatta Wale bought a computer with the little money before telling God to help him create his own beats.

Four: Shatta calls himself Shatta Wale Bandana and believes there’s no other man who is helping him push his career but God.

Five: He was in Koforidua when the letter surfaced online and he saw it on Facebook first.

Six: He told Bulldog and his father he was sensing a bad omen before their Europe Tour but he still went because his father signed the deals and he didn’t want to disappoint his entourage.

Seven: He lost a couple of thousands of Euros on his way to the airport before his Europe Tour of management.

Eight: His dad came into his career when he realized Bulldog was falling short in certain aspects.

Nine: Shatta Wale has listened to Jupita and Stonebwoy’s Fire and he is happy about it.

Ten: Shatta Wale has promised all the boys around him that even if he doesn’t build houses for them and give them money, he will let them enjoy what he enjoys. So he sacrifices some of his show money to fly them around the world.

Eleven: Shatta is like Noah, David, Abraham, and when God tells him to kill his son he will kill him. He listens to God.

Twelve: His first show in Germany actually flopped.

Thirteen: In Sweden, Shatta Wale told Bulldog to go get half of their fees and it became a fight.

Fourteen: Shatta Wale claims Bulldog always asked promoters for gifts including phones and other items and they took advantage of him.

Fifteen: When Bulldog sleeps, he doesn’t wake up.

Sixteen: Shatta Wale is the only person that has coordinated Shatta Movement up to this level.

Seventeen: When Shatta and Bulldog started working, when he got cheques to clear, he gave it to Bulldog to clear into his account and later transfer the funds into Shatta’s account. He found out Bulldog was taking advantage of it. That’s when Shatta’s father came into the management team.

Eighteen: In Sweden, Shatta performed even though he didn’t get the money for his performance.

Nineteen: In Humburg, Shatta told Bulldog to go speak to the promoters so they don’t repeat what happened in Sweden; 12:00 Bulldog told Shatta he had spoken to the promoters, 2:00 he came again and said the people were telling him stories, 3:00 Bulldog came back, 5:00 Bulldog came back and Shatta asked why Bulldog allowed the people to treat him the way they were treating him. Shatta claims he peaked in 2013, but started working with Bulldog in the middle of 2014. They haven’t been working for three years as many think.

Twenty: Shatta told Bulldog in Ga “Why have we made it like we are here to fool. I will slap someone”. According to Shatta Bulldog said “Wale I go beat you, you say you go slap me, I go kill you,” One guy told bulldog he already had a case in Ghana and Bulldog said “I go kill am like I kill the guy” Shatta took his laptop and left.

TwentyOne: According to Shatta, Bulldog has never put even one cedi in his pocket before. Not even a studio wire or microphone.

Bonus: They never had a written contract. Shatta claims he told Bull to come for them to make money and so there were no percentages.

source: YFMGhana.com



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