8 celebrities involved in car accident in 2015

8 celebrities involved in car accident in 2015

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We celebrate them everyday and it’s quite disheartening when we hear of them involved in bad situations. Their lives and careers demand that they move all over the place for one thing or the other.

Accidents do occur and unfortunately, these Ghanaian celebs got caught in various accidents in the line of duty. We thank God that no one lost their life, and they are all back to work and doing well. While these celebrities were able to recover from their injuries and return to work, many have not been able to do so after an accident. Some have turned to a personal injury lawyer in the hopes that they may be able to receive compensation, which could help them get back on their feet.

Naturally, the first thing that you think about after an accident is your own safety. You go to the hospital if you have injuries, and you start thinking about contacting a lawyer to receive compensation to cover the bills. But what about your car? Depending on how severe your accident was, your own vehicle could have damage of its own. If this is the case, then finding out how you can make a car insurance claim should be your next port of call. It could help you to save a significant amount of money when it comes to paying for its replacement or repairs, so don’t be afraid to claim for this. The safety of yourself and your car is important so make sure you do everything you can to protect it. You won’t be the only person to find yourself in this situation.

Below are 8 Ghanaian celebs who got involved in accidents this year.

John Dumelo

It was a minor accident with no injuries. The actor, who turned 31 on February 2, was involved in the accident the same day at American House in East Legon, when a mini pick-up truck hit the right bumper of his Toyota Tundra.

He posted the following message on his Instagram page: “Time is 9:34 am. The devil is a liar……some dude just ran into me. At least let me celebrate my birthday finish eh. The agenda for the day will still continue…..Thanks to the Ghana police for the swift response…..” he said.

Luckily he wasn’t’ injured though, there have been plenty of people who have been involved in a truck accident that have come off a lot worse than him. If you find yourself in a similar boat and have recently been involved in a truck accident, then you can check out this article here to find out the cost of truck accident attorney. Getting an attorney involved can really help you in your legal case if you decide to take this matter further and need to prove whose fault it was.

Vicky Zugah

The beautiful Ghanaian actress got involved in an accident on the GIMPA road in July of this year whiles returning from a movie set. According to her, she was coming from the set of movie, ‘Dream Realities’ around 2 am when the incident occurred. She narrated that she was from UPSA when a KIA truck carrying a kiosk collided with her car.

The kiosk which was on the truck, fell on her car and her windscreen crashed on her. Her screams attracted another driver who carried her to the hospital. She got bruised on her face and her eye which was bloodshot.

Doctor’s initially feared that splinters of broken glass from the windscreen may have fallen on her eye. Even though the hit and run driver has since not been seen, Vicky has recovered fully from the accident and her eye and face are perfect. It was stated that she may have been a little nervous about getting back behind the wheel of her car, and it was suggested that she attend a driving school similar to this california online traffic school in order to rebuild her confidence about driving.

Vivian Jill Lawrence

The Kumawood star was driving from Kumasi to Accra when the incident occurred around Amasaman in October this year. Even though details with regards to how the accident occurred never came out, sources indicated that the car of the actress somersaulted resulting in injuries to her.

She was sent to the 37 Military for treatment and later discharged to go continue treatment and recovery at home in Kumasi. She has since recovered fully and recently showed us her beautiful self in new photos posted on her social media platform.

Bisa Kdei

‘The Mansa and Brother Brother’ hitmaker was involved in an accident with his Black Legendary Music crew when they were returning from a show in Mampong in September. The accident occurred after the toll booth on the Aburi highway. Two vehicles of the team, a Toyota Corolla and a Jaguar got damaged in the accident. According to sources, the Corolla hit the Jaguar from behind. Thankfully, no member of the team got injured in the accident.

Kofi Okyere Darko

The accident occurred at dawn of 1st April and was initially considered an April fool prank by Ghanaians, unfortunately, it wasn’t. The radio and television personality affectionately called KOD, was indeed involved in an accident on the N1 motorway.

His Jaguar saloon car got completely damaged when he crashed into another vehicle on the N1 motorway. He was admitted at the 37 Military Hospital. He got discharged days later and he has fully recovered and back to work.

Barima Sidney

Controversial musician, Barima Sidney was involved in an accident on farmers day this year with his newly acquired Range Rover. He was on his way to Tamale with his personal assistant when the incident occurred.

According to him in an interview after the accident indicated that the bonnet of the Range Rover, caused the accident. He said the bonnet which wasn’t well closed, opened whiles he was driving and hit the windscreen causing the accident.


Ghanaian hiplife star, Kontihene was involved in an accident in February this year whiles on his way to a radio station to promote his song, Dedeede. The accident occurred when a long bus run into the musicians Lexus causing damage to the bumper and headlight of the vehicle. He was also reported to have suffered minor injuries.

Yaa Pono

Yaa Pono was involved in an accident somewhere in June whiles on his way to Koforidua for an event. The rapper after the incident shared a photo of it on Instagram with the caption; “Thnx to God for his mercies.”

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