A Plus Is Right; NPP Is A Violent And An Intolerant Party – Lydia Forson

A Plus Is Right; NPP Is A Violent And An Intolerant Party – Lydia Forson

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Actress Lydia Forson who has in time past been in a turf war with the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) concurs with claims by controversial musician, A Plus that the elephant party is an intolerant and violent party.

She reveals that she’s so happy that after several years, Kwame A Plus has come to accept the fact that violent and does not tolerant views of others.

In a thread of tweets, the actress recounted how Kwame A Plus rained insults on her for saying the New Patriotic Party was intolerant.

A-Plus dished out his own condemnation of Lydia, describing her as a phoney, whose only asset was the ability to write good English.

He erroneously interpreted Lydia’s remarks as a call on the NPP not to criticise the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), saying that the actress wanted to prevent the NPP from resisting what he called oppressor’s rule.

“You want them to be tolerant and happy? That is how you want the country to run? You don’t know what is happening; you can only write good English and talk plenty,” A-Plus said.

“You don’t want us to be angry with people who are spending our money, people who have taken our monies to go and plant trees and ended up saying they were burnt?,” he added.

Lydia Forson has however said that finally she’s happy Kwame A Plus agrees with her on something.

She said ” I’m just happy that after all these years we can finally agree on something”.

“Watching you these past few years morph from one of NPP’s key mouthpieces online into one who now speak against them has been interesting. I haven’t known how to react to it because this was you not so long ago. But I can’t judge your growth/evolvement.”

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