A Very Touching Message And Movement  From Twellium Company & It’s Twellium Foundation

A Very Touching Message And Movement From Twellium Company & It’s Twellium Foundation

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In a huge demonstration of its good corporate citizenship during the coronavirus also known as COVID-19 global pandemic era, industrial giant, Twellium Industrial company through its foundation; Twellium Foundation has embarked on a massive donation to support the key stakeholders at the forefront of the fight here in Ghana.

Shedding light on the motive behind the mass donation by the company and its foundation, Mr Ali Ajami, the Chief Marketing Officer of the company said this on behalf of his management, staff and workers at one of the gatherings, ‘’A couple of years ago when we were looking for a place to invest. Ghanaians received us with open arms and have being good to us individually and as a company.

If today, the COVID-19 pandemic has found its way into the four corner of the country. We will not turn our backs on the same good people of Ghana who have supported our industrialization mission and continue to patronize our products on a daily basis. So if you see us on this mission, our message is to affirm our solidarity and the movement is to pledge our allegiance to Ghanaians, that, we shall fight this pandemic together. And irrespective of where you stand or where you work as a Ghanaian for Ghana, we are bringing help to your doorstep in this trying times.

As part of its contributions toward the fight to contain and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Twellium Industrial Company has donated an
overwhelming number of products to support frontline health workers, the Ghana Police Service, hospitals, social welfares, and government institutions including the ministries, office of the vice president and the second lady and many more.

The products which were presented included Verna Mineral Water, London Oat Digestive, Rush Energy Drink and many others.
With the aim of hydrating and energizing every ‘foot soldier’ helping in the fight against the COVID-19.
Known for its benevolent and philanthropic works and gestures since its establishment.

Twellium Foundation has once again demonstrated its social responsibility in these challenging
times in the wake of the pandemic.
Twellium Foundation will be visiting next, the various security and health personnel
at the various check points and barriers across the nation. Who are at post 24/7 to check human and cargo traffic in order to contain the spread.
Still in the business of changing

people’s lives, ‘the Verna Changing Lives campaign which has
constructed, donated and embarked on countless charitable obligations and campaigns before
the pandemic, will continue even during this hard times and afterwards. To send support and
food packages to families and individuals who have being worst affected. So we are not
forgetting the less privileged and some selected communities who have constantly received
support from the foundation as well new communities who will benefit from the foundation on
this mission’ Mr Ali Ajami elaborated.

You are a link in the spread of the virus. The virus doesn’t move if you don’t move. Let’s comply with the President’s directive as well as all the precautionary measures outlined by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health. And keep the faith that this shall pass too.

A hydrated body will benefit you, don’t forget to stay hydrated with a bottle of Verna Mineral Water whiles at home and always know you know twelve different Mcberry Biscuits to munch On.



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