According to reports, Sarah Kwablah sent naked pictures to Gyan

According to reports, Sarah Kwablah sent naked pictures to Gyan

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The extortion trial involving Sarah Kwablah, a supposed one-time sex partner of Asamoah Gyan, captain of the Ghana national team, and three others took a dramatic twist yesterday when an interested party popped up during the trial.

Ms Diana Nyankopa Daniels, Chief Executive of Peace Watch Ghana, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), was incensed that Sarah was on a mission to blackmail Asamoah Gyan.

She insisted that Sarah “cannot tarnish someone’s image like that.”

Ms Nyankopa Daniels claimed she had watched a supposed video she described as “horrible”, in which Sarah reportedly sent her naked pictures to Asamoah Gyan.

The Peace Watch Ghana CEO said she was puzzled as to what agreement existed between Asamoah Gyan and Sarah that the Black Stars captain could go to the house of Sarah to the extent that Sarah could set a camera in her residence.

This, Ms Nyankopa Daniels insisted, confirmed her conviction that Sarah “had her own agenda because the boy (Asamoah Gyan) is fabulously rich.”

Sarah Kwablah Petition

Sarah Kwablah

She added, “I think it is very bad, it’s very, very bad and I’m surprised… We all know girls who do that.”

Ms Nyankopa Daniels interacted with the media on a wide range of issues in respect of the case after the court hearing. The court adjourned sitting until December 22 because the prosecutor, ACP Moses Atibilla, was on another assignment elsewhere.

The trial judge, Ms Afia Agbanu Kumador, however, urged the parties to endeavour to be present at the adjourned date.

Sarah, 21, and Osafo Anthony, 29, journalist and Chris Handler, a blogger, have been variously charged with conspiring to extort money from Samuel Anim Addo, the manager of Asamoah Gyan, while popular reggae musician Lester Ekow Micah, 43, has been slapped with the charge of abetment.

The four persons are being tried for allegedly extorting GH¢25,000 from Addo by means of threat.

At the last sitting, Dr Maurice Ampaw, who was cross-examining Addo, accused Asamoah Gyan of raping Sarah.

He said Asamoah Gyan forcefully pounced on Sarah and had a sexual affair with her when he (Asamoah) had not proposed love to her, a claim Addo denied.

Addo had earlier told the court in his evidence that the accused persons had threatened Asamoah Gyan, the Black Stars captain, with evidence of text messages to defame him (Gyan) and subsequently follow them with a publication of a sex video if some monies were not paid.

According to Addo, Sarah was the first to threaten so he reported the case to the Odorkor police.

Addo said Osafo, as a result, demanded GH¢30,000 and threatened to publish more stories if the money was not paid.

He said the police asked him to feign interest in the payment of the money, stressing that he met Osafo at an agreed venue and paid GH¢10,000 cash and a cheque of GH¢15,000, whereupon the journalist was arrested.




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